Vintage Meets Rocket Science

Larry Villella, serious vintage mic collector, musician and co-founder of ADK Microphones, combined decades of experience with the latest modern technology, and yes, even a rocket scientist.

CHI (Capsule/Head-Amp Integration) is the perfect combination of technology and tone. Finally, sound is not sacrificed for Specs. And still - the CHI System has some of the best specs in the universe!

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Grab a Paintbrush, Pick a Color

Why get one Mic, when you can have a Tool-Kit? The CHI System is all about choices. You can quickly assemble the right mic for your application. Just pick your capsule, head-amp (body) and twist. One CHI Tool-kit replaces many mics.

"This is our NOW and FOREVER Acoustic Guitar Mic!"

Mick Conley - Producer/Engineer
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Pictured Left: Marty Stuart tracking acoustic guitar with his 3 Zigma C-LOL-12